To the castle tower I creep
Where Lancelot lies in peaceful sleep
Upon his pallet I do rest
Pounding heart beneath my breast
He awakes and sees me there
And strokes the moonlight through my hair
He cries, for what is now to be
The anguish of his treachery
But love unbound has taken hold
And made his touch increasing bold
His lips upon my skin doth burn
Unbridled passion takes its turn
Thunder rolls about my head
A whirlwind shares the lovers’ bed
The power of his body speaks
As one we climb to reach the peak
Wonder, rapture, ecstasy
No longer just a prophesy
His lips explore my body lean
And go where no one else has been
Our bodies tangled, so entwined
No separation can we find
We whisper in a lovers’ sigh
And clasp each other lest we die
But innocent, Lancelot remains
Chaste and loyal to the reign
An Enchantress, I, lay down here
Not the virtuous Guinevere

©Constance Avery 1996


We laid together, face to face
So close, we were as one
I would that I had died right then
When all was said and done

For you are always with me
Night or day, there is no peace
I am a hostage bound by love
Til death brings me release

If you were kind, you’d let me go
And free me for another
Instead, your eyes, your lips, your skin
Reflect in every lover

I close my eyes and there you are
Wrapped up in me once more
And when the love has spent itself
I lock the hidden door

You are safe inside of me
No harm besets you there
I’ll die imprisoned in your arms
Alone and in despair

©Constance Avery, 2010


Night embraces like a velvet shroud
Your scent surrounds me,
lingering long

Far from me, the dawn is rising
Your dreams of me now
swiftly gone

I feel you with all my senses, why
Is a mystery, yet everyday
reminds me

You’re not here, you’re there wading
Into coastal waters, taking out
to sea

A new sirens song so soft and sweet
Luring you to sail again to
another destiny

Whispered warm from ruby lips
A younger, sweeter song
of mystery

Choices made, perhaps too soon
The house on the cliff a
chilling metaphor

From broken dreams of love eternal
To broken bones on a
lonely shore

©Constance Avery 2015

In the Spring

And in the Spring
I remember you

The smile I loved
Your eyes, so blue

The look you gave
As I undressed

Your hand so cool
Upon my breast

Next Winter came
We both moved on

To foreign lands
And love long gone

I wonder still
When Spring returns

Do you remember
How hot love burns

Constance Avery, 2015

The Battle for Soul

The troops of devastation invaded this night, marching in jackboots into the heart of her Soul.  Fortresses left burning in their wake, the landscape littered with the bloodied corpses of memory and the putrid smell of rotting attachments.

She mustered an army for combat but the adversary was far stronger than her defense. There had been many such battles waking her in the dead of night. Calls rang out from the watchtowers, alerting her to intrusion. She awakened, surprised by the ferocity of the attack; as Queen of this kingdom called Soul, she must lead her warriors into the fray.

She fought long and hard against the demons. Many troops fled leaving her open to further assault. Soul was shattered this night. She reentered the fortress, massive gates closing behind what was left of her contingent; her defenders dazed and bloodied. Recovery would be difficult and retribution long in coming. Incursions happened often during her reign over Soul, but she had learned how to rule through trial and tribulation.

Overall,  she had been competent, a just and benign ruler. The battles became more difficult as years came and went.  What was left of her defenders paid a high price for their loyalty.  How much longer would they fight to protect Soul? She had built a kingdom esteemed by many, only she knew its weaknesses.  In negotiations with outsiders, she could be inscrutable and exhibited an air of danger.  The true strength of Soul was hidden behind the barrier of bravado.

She wondered how long she could reign; the last years had been fraught with breaches and her will to defend Soul weakened with each infringement. She must consider her options. Soul must be rebuilt whatever the cost.

Soul had been a victim of treachery, not the least of which, her own.

My Centurion

My Centurion

Let us meet in Spring
We will hang our neuroses out to air in sunshine
We will wallow in our lust and luxuriate in our love.
Remember for me. You and I.

Let us restore the purity of love,
The innocence of hope.
Regain the joy of illusion and
the passion of reality.
I will no longer sing of heartache
but will live to love again.

You will not hear my cries except those of joy.
I will find you once more through the eyes of love.
From this time forward, I have no void,
I have filled it with Reason.
I gave you my soul, It is my only gift to give.

I know it is the only gift you can take.
You fear my touch, my presence would disturb
your well-being and your sense of self.
And that, I could not bear.

For I love you beyond all
In a way no other could understand.
I told you true that I would always love you.
I’ve loved you across centuries and will
love you in centuries to come.

Allow me nightly passage into dreams
to touch your soul.
Let me read your mind and breathe with you.
Secure the gate at sunrise.
Guard the gate well, my Centurion.

©Constance Avery, 2008